Old Projects

Below you can see list of some old projects which done by MoneyScript Network.

The best domain & hosting provider with high quality & low price.

This websites provided domain, share hosting, dedicated server, reseller hosting, ssl certificate & ... with best quality & low price.
URL: www.highhosting.net
Online: 2008-2013

Powerful internet ads network

This website is a PPC ads service which allow to publishers for earn money from their websites tarffic & also allow to Advertisers for reach unique visitors for their sites & find more client for their products or services
Online: 2010-2013

Pay For Blogging Service

BidPostBlog is a Pay for post Blog which allow to Bloggers for Earn money from Post Blog.This service allow to Advertisers for Advertise their website services or Products on Related Blogs and improve their site Page Rank, Traffic & popularity.
This website included Affiliate section for members who want earn money from Refer new Bloggers to Bidpostblog
URL: www.bidpostblog.com
Online: 2010-2013

New Generation of PTC service.

Pay for View Ads, Pay for Sign up, Pay for Post Forum
New Methods of Internet Advertising
URL: www.bux.cc
Online: 2009-2010

The best free forum hosting for e-commerce sites

This website allow to members for create their own forum for free and manage them easily.its based phpbb forum and included +300 ready to use template for members.Its included professional admin panel for manage all things like add advertisement codes in members forums.
URL: www.imoneylink.com
Online: 2009-2013

The best pixel advertisement system

This website allow to webmasters to add their pixel advertisements.webmasters can select size & place of their ads and insert their animated image for attract visitors.its also included free pixels for webmasters too.
Online: 2009-2013

The most active social network

This website allow to members to create their own micro blog and connect to more than hundreds people in world wide.
URL: www.qarqar.com
Online: 2010-2013

New style of Internet search engines

This website included powerful robots for search and make index links which searching via people.it help you to find anything you want in internet fast.Structure of this search engine is like google but this site include unique robot for create indexed pages.
This website included Google adsense, amazon, clickbank & ebay api which help webmaster to earn high money autopilot without take even 1 minute/day.
URL: www.topsearch.me
Online: 2010-2013

Image share service

This website allow you to upload your personal images share with your friends
URL: www.monopic.com
Online: 2010-2013

Free short link maker service

This website allow you to create short link for your long links.its suitable for your to hide your real link or affiliate links from eveybody.
In this service you can make money. adslink.me will give you $0.0002 per visits for any links your create.
URL: www.adslink.me
Online: 2010-2013